Our mission


We are determined to empower people with tools to enable access to justice.


We are focused on designing new products based on the needs of the justice user.


We are committed to building awareness to foster resilient communities.


We are driven to translate ideas into value to make the justice system fair and equitable.

Conversations on human rights and justice have for far too long become academic and theoretical, employing a sophisticated flourish instead of being useful and usable for a citizen and a justice user. These conversations that often address the common legal needs of citizens become inaccessible to those untrained because the form and medium that they utilize is inherently restrictive to those not engaged in the field.

there is a growing need to democratize access to information about ordinary justice problems and facilitate greater participation among different sections of society by advancing innovations and ideas for access to justice.

The inspiration for building a conversation where knowledge and information is democratized comes from the idea of an “Adda” which colloquially, in India, represents a commune for discussions and banter, a space for theorizing and dreaming, and a collective where persons of all expertise, affiliations and peculiarities dissect the next big and small idea threadbare.

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