Addadefence is a crowdfunding platform for public interest litigation curated by Justice Adda and powered by the BitGiving platform. It is designed to enable organisations and individuals to raise funds, drive awareness and build a community of supporters to fight issues that are of public importance in India.

The aim at Addadefence is to provide a space to bring cases of public interest to the forefront. Besides direct monetary contributions, the platform allows campaigners to create awareness and engage stakeholders on important issues of law and policy.

Addadefence will ensure that your campaign is realised through effective communication strategies, content creation and social media outreach programs. We hope to take a small step in the quest to impart vigour and vitality to the most important of all rights — the right to have your voice heard.

Our goal is to ensure that financial impediments to justice are not only removed but that they act as an impetus to build a defence of rights that is uniquely community driven, community financed and community secured. A defence by the Adda.

We are launching soon! For further details please write to: