Intolerance Tracker


The map is a response to the rising incidence of prejudice and discrimination, often against communities that have also been historically marginalised, and also against those who protest these forms of discrimination. Through consolidating these events on a single platform, we hope to chart their spread over time and space, as well as draw similarities and contrasts between different regions of South Asia.

Sample Form


To upload a story, click on the ‘Map your Story’, and fill out the details of the event, including a title, brief description (max 1000 characters), and details about the location and date.

Tag the ‘Persons Targeted’ and ‘Perpetrators’ sections of the form with as many relevant tags as possible. Please tag categories to the closest possible matches, and if needed, our moderators will update these.

Providing a reference link, such as in the form of a news report or article is mandatory, as it helps us verify mapped stories.

Uploading the form displays your first name as the author of the story. If you would rather post the story anonymously, or would not like your first name to be there for some other reason, please send us an email at, and we can re- post the story anonymously. Please note that it can take a day or two to update this.