Our projects include the Visual Justice Initiative, Storytelling for Justice Initiative,  Baithak, Addadefence and the Access to Justice Research Initiative.

Visual Justice Initiative


Understanding legal jargon is challenging and daunting for most people. The Visual Justice Initiative attempts to produce landmark cases, basic procedures, and theories of justice in a manner that is engaging and accessible for everyone.


The Supreme Court of India has pioneered some landmark judgments in the area of environmental law, labour reform, gender and sexuality, issues of public duty, child rights and many others.The purpose of this project is to translate and produce cases in a language that is easy to understand, use and share. It is an endeavour to simplify concepts through visual design.

This project was supported by Manupatra.


The Know Your Laws project seeks to create illustrated briefs on important social welfare legislations so that they can be used by NGOs and social organisations to explain to people about their rights and entitlements. Engaging with the law is coupled with fear and intimidation for lack of a better understanding and awareness and we hope by breaking down important concepts, we will make access to justice possible.


India has been home to several judicial innovations which are designed to empower the citizen and facilitate his/her ability to access entitlements.The Understanding Procedures Project attempts to simplify and structure the steps required for an individual to use a procedure and fulfil his/her unmet legal needs.


There are several contemporary challenges that affect the way we live and have a profound impact on our lives. These often arise from a change in government policy, economic inequality and environmental degradation. The everyday justice project seeks to communicate these challenges in a user-friendly manner.


Storytelling for Justice Initiative


Storytelling for Justice is an initiative that examines aspects of fairness, equality and fraternity using the mediums of music, word and film.


We curate a list of songs connected with issues of social justice and reflective of current events. Through this series we hope to confront issues that influence the world we live in by reflecting on music that emerged either from these events or those that can engage with such events.


Through this project we engage with artists who want to make music for public interest and seek to influence political and social discourses through their compositions.


By reflecting on films that have created widespread social impact and examining their relevance today, we hope to build a conversation around the important of cinema in an age of censorship. We also hope to collaborate to make meaningful documentaries on topical issues


Ideas, thoughts and opinions with contemporary issues on human rights and social justice




Baithak is conceptualised as an extension of Adda, where an idea is explored in-depth; where laws are understood in the context of the lived experience of the justice-user. Mainstream discussions on justice often privilege the lawmakers over citizens silently striving to implement the laws. Since laws and policies are only as good as the people who work them, Baithak would bring to the fore stories of individuals, movements, and organisations from around the world where citizens are breathing life into the idea of justice.

Baithak is a tribute to Rahul Joseph Abraham and Rosemary Antony for their friendship




Addadefence is a crowdfunding platform for public interest litigation curated by Justice Adda and powered by the BitGiving platform. It is designed to enable organisations and individuals to raise funds, drive awareness and build a community of supporters to fight issues that are of public importance in India.

The aim at Addadefence is to provide a space to bring cases of public interest to the forefront. Besides direct monetary contributions, the platform allows campaigners to create awareness and engage stakeholders on important issues of law and policy.

Addadefence will ensure that your campaign is realised through effective communication strategies, content creation and social media outreach programs. We hope to take a small step in the quest to impart vigour and vitality to the most important of all rights — the right to have your voice heard.

Our goal is to ensure that financial impediments to justice are not only removed but that they act as an impetus to build a defence of rights that is uniquely community driven, community financed and community secured. A defence by the Adda.

We are launching soon! For further details please write to:

Access to justice research Initiative


Justice Adda is working to study and develop innovative ways to tackle barriers to justice in India. The research focusses on studying the social responsibility of law firms in India, as well as how the delivery of legal aid can be transformed keeping in mind, technology and innovation that is transforming the legal profession.