Are you trying to explain complex legal procedures and situations in an easily understandable manner?

Are you uncertain about how to empower the disenfranchised and marginalized to use the rights given to them under law?

Are you frustrated with the impact of your advocacy campaign and require new storytelling?

Do you want to brainstorm on building new procedures and processes for more equitable justice systems?

Our approach

We strive to develop strategies and solutions that place you and your needs at the core. We believe in an iterative and collaborative approach by employing design thinking methodologies that have been pioneered at IDEO and Stanford among other institutions.



We help you fight and campaign for a justice issue by designing an effective communication strategy – from social media, to branding and more traditional marketing strategy. We also combine this with both design and techology solutions depending on your needs.


We help you communicate your message by visualizing complex legal issues as easily understandable graphic and textual representations. This includes infographics, backgrounders, comic strips for reports, articles or online posts as well as web-based interactive tools and multimedia explainers.


We develop innovative apps and websites to disseminate information and help empower those without access to justice.


We conduct in-depth and innovative studies into the changes that technology and globalisation are causing to different actors in the legal industry and the implications that this has for access to justice.

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