Storytelling for Justice

1. Addaplaylists

Every week we curate a list of songs connected with issues of social justice and reflective of current events. Through this series we hope to confront issues that influence the world we live in by reflecting on music that emerged either from these events or those that can engage with such events.

2. Addabeats

Through this project we engage with artists who want to make music for public interest and seek to influence political and social discourses through their compositions.

3. Addafilms

By reflecting on films that have created widespread social impact and examining their relevance today, we hope to build a conversation around the important of cinema in an age of censorship. We also hope to collaborate to make meaningful documentaries on topical issues

4. Adda Opinions

Through this series of articles we reflect on ideas, thoughts and opinions that engage  with contemporary issues on human rights and social justice.