Visual Justice Initiative

1. The Case Drawing Project

The Supreme Court of India has pioneered some landmark judgments in the area of environmental law, labour reform, gender and sexuality, issues of public duty, child rights and many others.The purpose of this project is to translate and produce cases in a language that is easy to understand, use and share. It is an endeavour to simplify concepts through visual design.

This project was supported by Manupatra.


2. The Know Your Laws Project

The Know Your Laws project seeks to create illustrated briefs on important social welfare legislations so that they can be used by NGOs and social organisations to explain to people about their rights and entitlements. Engaging with the law is coupled with fear and intimidation for lack of a better understanding and awareness and we hope by breaking down important concepts, we will make access to justice possible.

3. The Understanding Procedures Project

India has been home to several judicial innovations which are designed to empower the citizen and facilitate his/her ability to access entitlements.The Understanding Procedures Project attempts to simplify and structure the steps required for an individual to use a procedure and fulfil his/her unmet legal needs.

4. Everyday Justice

There are several contemporary challenges that affect the way we live and have a profound impact on our lives. These often arise from a change in government policy, economic inequality and environmental degradation. The everyday justice project seeks to communicate these challenges in a user-friendly manner.